Our Strengths Are Your Strengths!

We work with many established organizations that lend their hand in supporting our mission like Local Organizations, Educational Institutions, Banks, Vocational Institutes, etc. Networking with such esteemed organizations help us to bridge the gap of "Dreams of economically under privileged" to that of the "after effects of poverty".

Tarani provides a new way to explore by enabling the economically under privileged to pave way for self help, self sustained and self supported programs.

Providing bank financial support through loans or guarantee to deserving people.

  • Exploration and Research of Methods helping the administration of Self Help Groups (SHG).
  • Develop, Propagate, Educate on Scientific Tools for effective execution of the new tools that are affordable by the SHG.
  • Guiding and Advisory services besides Training on the demand fronts.
  • Conducting and imparting training classes in the areas that helps people to uplift their standards.
  • Providing medical help as needed.

SBDC - Small Business Development Center is an initiative of Tarani India setup to guide and monitor the needy who are supported by the organization. Tarani India supports the feasibility of the ideas besides monitoring the funding besides mentoring on the business lines with its operational units – SBDC (Small Business Development Centers).

SBDC will be comprised of experts from different arenas that suit the grade of the business who would be available for suggestions to guide the applicant with mentoring. SBDC operations will not only help the individual in setting up his shop / stall but also provide a chain of marketable opportunities with the guidance of the experts.

As part of this main mission, we have sponsored programs which will assist talented people to believe in "Self Help Programs" and initiate them to be small scale entrepreneurs.

Tarani India works with local organizations, educational institutes and banks to deliver

programme's, methods, tools and training to bring about effective and sustainable change to trades of people ,economically poor and younger generations as well.

The strength of Tarani India continue in the commitment and dedication led by our teams with high spirit in accomplishing the mission. “ We provide volunteering opportunities to people of all abilities and from all walks of life, giving our volunteers the chance to learn new skills (or pass on existing skills) and make new friends, whilst working for a common cause they are passionate about” Says Mr. PVRK Prasad, the Chief Functionary of Tarani India.