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Nike already knew the fans on the first year design shoes have a special liking, just two days before we bring you a Air Jordan 4 OG'89 White Cement after the 2016 comeback news, this is Nike Air Jordan 6 Maroon will be officially released this year. The original design of the first year of reserves from 1991, by the selection of high quality leather shoes crafted, with maroon shoes and insoles embroidered details, as well as the heel of Jumpman was replaced by Air Nike. 093849n6ozaedt287p8we2.jpg (477.99 KB, download number: 3) download Nike Air Jordan 6 Maroon 2015-6-29 09:45 upload air-jordan-6-maroon-holiday-2015-16.jpg (63.75 KB, download number: 0) download Nike Air Jordan 6 Maroon 2015-6-29 09:38 upload air-jordan-6-maroon-holiday-2015-17.jpg (94.1 KB, download number: 1) download Nike Air Jordan 6 Maroon 2015-6-29 09:38 upload air-jordan-6-maroon-holiday-2015.jpg (75.29 KB, download number: 1) download Nike Air Jordan 6 Maroon 2015-6-29 09:38 uploa cheap jordan shoes for men d 093832hz4z4ejvm0jydsy4.jpg (194.7 KB, download number: 1) download Nike Air Jordan 6 Maroon 2015-6-29 09:45 upload air-jordan-6-maroon-holiday-2015-1.jpg (72.80adidas-nmd-xr1-foot-locker-eu-exclusive-black-friday-1-3.jpeg (271.41 KB, download times: 4) download attachment adidas, NMD, XR1, combustion, crazy, black Friday, Upload 08:48 2016-11-25recently, Nike Sportswear will cater to the Volt tone of the summer atmosphere and blend into the classic running shoes Air Huarache. The shoe body by light grey suede and mesh with chloroprene rubber is made of a combination, followed by TPU and AIR black collocation in the bottom bracket, and the tongue, and the outer lining on the bottom of the fluorescent yellow to bring cool feeling. At present, the shoes have landed in Tokyo, atmos and other designated stores, priced about $89 U.S. dollars, interested in Pakistan may wish to pay more attention. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- extended reading -- -- -- -- -- -- every Retro jordans for sale day at six, on the way home from school, the 1626 WeChat public number makes you home! it's one of the most attractive Hairstyles for girls! can do so much for the team to take part in the marathon? Zhou Bichang? jerseys collocation! 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Beats Always Design The Best Headphone And Heartbeats" /〉 This article is fromChinese shoes Network September 12 hearing two years ago, was also seen as a cash cow sports brand agency, now is not the scenery. At many dealers Adidas and Nike are still "destocking" and anxiety in Daphne, represented part of the dealer because of persistent poor profitability have begun to consider withdrawing. This has a number of brand channels, to pull off the way to bid farewell to the Adidas and Nike brand sports agent. "shoe king" Belle began to shrink the front, in the first half of 2009 closed 346 sports brand stores. But the industry view, this is the adjustment process after a few years in front of Belle in the rapid development of sports brand agency industry, one Cheap air jordans for sale must pass through. In fact, Belle agency business scale Nike and Adidas and other sports brands, has come to make the competition even brands sit no security level. Old rivals Both shoes industry, sports brands in the agency business, out of different fate trajectory. Daphne: "to exercise" of the occasion of the performance of the Daphne announced half-year, deputy general manager of international investor relations firm shall Stanley Au said the company proxy Nike stores in the next all closed within six months, but its hands 107 Adidas store sales are discussing hands. Daphne semi-annual report, as of June 30, within six months is down 21 Daphne own proxy Adidas stores. Its agent, Nike stores closed in the first half of 2009 a total of 20, and is now leaving only eight stores. Daphne's main and "Daphne" and "Shoebox" two major brands. Semi-annual report shows that despite the cost pressures on store rent and new store openings, but the "Daphne" is still maintaine Retro jordans for sale d a 59% gross margin, while the "shoe" as a new brand, but also 54% gross margin table. Within the second half, the company also hold an additional 122 "Daphne" and 139 "shoe" point of sale. "This means that Daphne has made up his mind to quit sportswear agency business." Industry experts, the United States UTA ??Management Group General Manager of Greater China Yang Dajun that the main reason is that in recent years, Daphne exit to sports brand agency business profits fell too fast. Daphne Belle has been struggling to catch up with old rival, it seems to have stepped down from the sports brand agency business performance of high growth path. First half of 2009, Nike and Adidas revenue Belle proxy for 3.32 billion yuan, compared with the same period in 2008 increased by only 2.5%, well below the growth of the company's overall performance. Currently, Belle has gradually closed the operation is not good stores up to 346 related. "Despite all the contraction front, but B cheap jordans for sale elle and Daphne's strategy is not the same." sports brand agent Magang told reporters that Daphne is to bid farewell to the sports brand agency, focusing on development of its shoes business. Belle is due to the rapid pace of development early, hoping to take advantage of this time of recession performance sports brand on the retail channel and the ability to do further optimization. reporter had this call Daphne and Adidas respectively, had not received a reply. Magang think Adidas since 2009, made a series of adjustments in the channel, one hopes by adjusting the agency some provincial areas, so that more agents participate in market competition, in addition also recovered part by the agency, to increase the proportion of direct sales stores shop opened strong position to cut agents. "Brands and channels have been in the game, the worst result is one of the side exit." Belle: ambition channels sports brand in the industry, in order to ensure the production stable, Cheap air jordan 12 ovo brands have taken the basic mechanisms of futures order management. Brands such as six months in advance so that dealers or a quarter of pre-orders, maturity and then follow the orders shipped, which is similar to futures. As recently as two months, Nike, Adidas, Li Ning [24.30 2.32%], Anta and other brands have completed the order next year. According to the reporter, in addition to the dealer Anta has announced next year's orders grew 18%, other major brands have not disclosed figures. "This figure is likely to be crass." Involved in more than one dealer orders, he told reporters. According to the dealers, the brand's 2009 ordering the atmosphere seemed more special, brands offered much lower order discounts, increased ad spending, and even offered to end section can be extended . Even Nike and Adidas, in front of the channel began to take the initiative to lower the figure. Yang Dajun said that this round of sports brands recession, the relationship between the indu Cheap air jordan 12 for sale online free shipping stry oversupply exposed, this situation is likely to continue until 2012. In the face of this series of changes in the competitive landscape of the channel, bargaining position, will take place a huge adjustment, which is a bit like before the domestic appliance industry. In Yang Dajun opinion, a sports brand sales decline is caused by many factors, one of which is very important reason is that Li Ning, Anta and the rise of domestic second-tier sports brands changed the industry supply and demand relationship. Second, the economic crisis curbed consumption momentum, higher priced Nike, Adidas have been hit particularly evident. rapid rise in the industry's channels speed, staggering. After the most powerful sports brand in the channel, sports shoes manufacturers started Bao Sheng International [1.27 -1.55%], in 2001 opened its first sporting goods stores in the Chinese mainland, through acquisitions, joint ventures manner, has The development of business to the major cit cheap jordans online ies of the country 26 provinces and cities. According to Belle in 2009 first half earnings, the agency business which Nike and Adidas have done 3.317 billion yuan of scale, and Nike in 2008 annual sales revenue in China is about 8.0 billion. It is estimated that Magang, the two channels of product distribution, has accounted for 50% of Nike and Adidas market share in China. After a few years do not take center of development, said the channel currently have launched a brand strategy. As Belle [7.55 -1.44%] to its retail store door head size unified Tao Bo sports, and the city's sports are named Tao Bo Sports City. Pou Sheng International entered the sporting goods retail industry at the beginning, the creation of the Sports City was named Interactive Sports City, later renamed Sheng Road Sports. Magang believes that the current Adidas, Nike and other brands of high inventory, gave the channel at the negotiating table more right to speak. On the other hand, Belle, Baosheng of rapid expansion, to some of the smaller or regional dealers brought great pressure to survive. Therefore, if such performance Daphne only a few thousand yuan agents, quit also reasonable. brands puzzles rapid expansion of Belle and Baosheng, the same Adidas and Nike want to see. Yang Dajun said really bothered Nike and Adidas, not now piled up in dealer inventory in the warehouse, but the channel is gradually "as big." A direct result of the channel will be brought to focus, Adidas and Nike distribution channels, Li Ning brand gradually and homogenization, but they was not any way for dealers to provide higher profits than domestic sports brand space. Magang said, such as Nike generally available to the dealer discount is 6.5 fold, while other domestic brands such as Anta supplier discount is much lower than it. Since dealers are generally the same time agents have more than one brand, he can use in the operation of Nike and Adidas to establish relations with the mall, and cash flow, but still higher profits true intentions of the development of domestic sports brand. Before , Adidas has launched a series of "cut-fan" action. As a proxy for an area originally granted to an agent, and in 2009 began to encourage dealers to compete more than two, in order to change the current auto dominate and trends. Reporters learned that, "knife" of the object even include Belle. But the channel also has its own considerations. Introducing more dealers in the same area, direct means their own vested interests damaged. A dealer told reporters that the relevant negotiations have been continued. Because of the channel to be "cut-fan" of concern, afraid of their own hard work to lay the channels is enjoying others in the process of distribution of Adidas began not dedicated, "offensive and defensive swap, Adidas stock will go up." in Nike to switch early because the signature shoes suspension that Bryant become huarache series history the biggest star endorsement, and the self salvation in rape crisis. In for Kobe to bring popularity seems to have held the red were born in the 1990s the innovation series. 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