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& Nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; According to "China Daily" reported that, according to British media reported on January 31, the United Kingdom will soon launch "shoeprint Library" to record shoeprint and shoes, to looking for the suspect, it is learned that the world's first Application shoeprint Hyde. "Shoeprint Library" there are already thousands of Nike sneakers information, because the police found that cheap jordans for sale mens love to wear when crime suspects "Nike." & Nbsp;if you are a fan of the AJ, it will also be very happy and look forward to! Because recently, Jordan Brand officially released 5 autumn shoes ! they are based on the classic Air Jordan 5 different color new release, belongs to the "Five for fall" series. speaking of the 5 shoes color, it is inspired by Jordan's wonderful air dunk, 5 colors: red, blue Cheap air jordan 12 ovo , white, black, camouflage. but you can rest assured that the 5 Air Jordan 5 for sale is OK! Air Jordan 5 "Flight Suit West" has been on sale in July 1st, number 136027-602, $190 you Air Jordan 5 "Cement" will be on sale in August 5th, No.: 136027-104, $190 you Air Jordan 5 "Camo" will be on sale in September 2nd, No.: 136027-051, $190 you Air Jordan 5 "Flight Suit East" will be on sale in Retro jordans for sale September 30th, No.: 136027-401, $190 you in addition, and with the design of clothing to shelves to look forward to you! Please pay attention to the sale of time Oh! Kobe and James are two of the greatest basketball player in twenty-first Century, is the two greatest basketball superstar. Two people brought many wonderful games to people, NBA signs, two ring powder countless, but NBA occupation cheap foamposites players, most of which are Kobe fans, but rarely heard as the idol James. Both Jordan and Barkley, Reggiee Miller, Noveski, magician, Duncan, Garnett, Kobe have praised the young generation, Paul George, DeRozan harden, and so is not a fan of Kobe. The reasons for these players not as the idol James is about the following points. 1, James's talent is too strong, few talents like James in basketball Cheap air jordan 12 for sale online free shipping history, and although Kobe talent or, but NBA is a normal phenomenon, many of his techniques are acquired by practicing it, but James's talent is not acquired through training. 2, James was too smooth. James is a very high EQ, the relationship with the media is also very good, but this is not true, and Kobe, on the contrary, he is a person with the media misfits to speak the truth, love, so offend ma Retro jordans for sale ny American media, especially with ESPN that is the enemy, if Kobe can tell the media a good relationship, not the occupation career only 1 regular season MVP. 3, loyal attitude. To admit that James's early Kobe bad luck with a bit far, Kobe came into the League had a very influential O'neal, early taste the taste of the championship, but James entered the League for 7 years, still did not taste, so cheap jordans for sale he made a decision with a history of NBA shocked two, but this is no ground for blame the pursuit of the championship, each occupation basketball player's dream, but many players will think he is destroyed the fair, so that NBA lost the original passion, that he has no backbone. 4, the leader of the ability. Have to say Kobe's leadership than James, Kobe was the league's most difficult player, but he cheap jordan shoes for men played the ball with no wrong he would wear, but James might not be so convincing, especially recently with Erwin because of the power struggle raise a Babel of criticism of the war. 5, attitude and passion of the game. Kobe NBA is the strongest players ambition, every game is to deal with the winning attitude, while James is playing basketball with more health, Kobe game with passion. everyone ha Cheap air jordans for sale s his own love idol, but also love their idols not deliberately to black people's idol. They are great, Kobe retired, believe that James did not play for several years, we should cherish every game after him.Now that belong to commemorate the birth anniversary of the Air Jordan 7, a lot of friends in addition to shoes, fans expect engraved style, the will to transform this pair of classic personally. cheap jordans online Recently, there is a foreign shoe fans choose to Air Jordan 7 "French Blue" reinvent itself "French Blue" white shoes on with plasticity, really in line with standard custom shoes. The figure shows the shoe body added gray, black and pale blue eye-catching, full of magic colors are blended together with a difference like pattern highlights the unique visual sense. Interested friends may wish to use this as a reference, try some hands-on, customize their own a shoe.Adidas Originals by Jeremy Scott Snow Boot new 2013-12-08 22:36:36 debut of the new adidas Originals by Jeremy Scott Snow Boot Jeremy Scott is from the designer's latest work. Jeremy Scott Adidas Originals Snow Boot winter ski boots as the prototype, with silver texture shoes with brilliant fluorescent yellow green detail, very rich in the future sense. The tongue of Adidas letters also used an extremely special fonts, more add a wisp of futuristic. This shoe is not officially available yet, and fans of Jeremy Scott can keep a close eye on it.Today we finally announced the official D double Adidas Lillard 1, the first will launch 2 models of color, color Portland home court and a pair of pure red color, the whole shoe contains the character of Lillard himself, low-key introverted unassuming, but practicality and toughness is full. Worthy of attention is followed by the version of Logo, the final brand decided to use the flying atmosphere of this type, not only highlights the style of Lillard himself on the court, but also shows its broad future. It is reported that the shoes will be on sale in February 6th, the price is 105 dollars.