Smt. Saradamma (52) hails from a poor economic group lives in Ongole, Prakasam district. She being a widow stays with her daughter (38) and grandsons (8 years, 10 years). She was worried about her job less daughter (who is also a widow) and her grandsons schooling because of their poor sympathetic living conditions. The entire family bread is earned from a tailoring machine and grinder at home by serving the neighbors needs. As the equipment has become old and can’t grind more than a kilo of batter, she has to remain on a low income, though she is ready to work hard.

Having come to know about small business development assistance at Tarani India, Sarada has applied and expressed her interest to expand the shop with more equipment and utensils so that her monthly income would increase. After an evaluation through facilitator, Sarada was sanctioned with the loan on an immediate effect.

In one of the recent visits made by the audit team, She has informed that her income is nearly tripled (after the increase of equipment) and is also planning for a small hotel next to her home, as she is having all the equipment needed for the expansion. Smt. Sarada went into tears and expressed her heartfelt gratitude for the financial support and the motivation provided by Tarani India to sustain on own her own income.

Mr. Kurapati Chandrashekar (40) comes from a poor Brahmin community of mangamur village in Prakasam district from coastal Andhra Pradesh. Though a merit student at school, Shekar has to end up as a drop-out of college at his 18 for his family conditions . The struggle of his living was a bit relieved when he has started a small cool drinks and fruit juices stal at his home.

Mr.Shekar and his joint family included with his wife work in the shop to support the family of two kids and his brother and parents with his most income. The family livelihood failed to support when his brother started to college and kids joined basic schooling. Added to his financial situation, his diabetic father’s medical care became a more serious concern. Though tried very hard, he could not put himself to any job, as he didn’t clear his college. The small shop cant let him wait but is left with no options.

He came across the advertisement of Tarani India on News paper and enquired with the office that led him apply for a loan to change his life and the way it led. He opted to take a loan for purchasing a computer for DTP work and a Xerox machine while changing the first room of his house as a DTP center. The Executive committee at Tarani India, after an interview have qualified the profile by awarding the necessary grant to him.

Because of his high commitment in quick time,shekar was able to master the DTP skill set to attract more business and also recruited two helpers to run a smooth business. Mr. Shekhar expresses his wholehearted thanks to Tarani India for giving him an opportunity on the frontline. He also states that his happy family and the improved living conditions would not be possible, if Tarani India has not supported him.