In order to achieve these objectives, the society has established a Corpus and parked the funds, so received in interest bearing Securities under the Income Tax Act of 1961. The interest income thus generated from the funds parked (as a Corpus) is being used for attaining the objectives of the Society.


Tarani India will be a society for the exclusive benefit of underprivileged people irrespective of sect, gender and region with focus on the following guidelines.

  • To lend economic support in terms of loan/subsidy to deserving economically poor for generating income sustenance for setting up shops, mini and small scale household businesses for saree shops, grinders, groceries shop, etc.
  • To provide collateral security or guarantee finance when required.
  • To provide career counseling to those seeking growth in career and guide them.
  • To provide any assistance – financially / advisory / training to the poor and talented unemployed for their upliftment.
  • To provide/financial assistance to destitute and medical help in deserving cases.
  • To arrange cultural and social gatherings those do not include any political or business / trading gatherings.
  • To conduct and impart training classes of any nature which will uplift the society as a whole.

At Tarani India, we aim for self reliance that makes us continually strive to find more effective ways of working by providing various means and methods to improve the ability of people to be self dependent.

The Society is headed by Sri P V R K Prasad, a renowned and distinguished government civil servant of Andhra Pradesh cadre belongs to 1966 batch of IAS. He is a man of great commitment to excellence that steers and gives the team- spirit to address challenges and accomplish the mission.

In the last six years of its existence, the society has concentrated on (M & E) monitoring and evaluating the serious concerns of the state of Andhra Pradesh with respect to the unprivileged groups. With a thorough ground of understanding and projected plans, Tarani India has met Entrepreneurs, Organizations in Education, Agriculture, Banking, Governance, etc. to explain the model and has won the support to the projected ideas as endowments.


We help you to work, earn and live happily!

In line to Tarani India's mission since 2008, "Self-Reliance through Tarani India Partnership Programme" is established and fully operational with the only vision towards a poverty free country by lending helping hand in uplifting the socio-economic standards of under privileged.

We at Tarani India, believe that our programs and solutions can help

  • Identify local needs more precisely
  • Mobilize community resources more effectively
  • Create employment opportunities
  • Support services on a more sustainable basis

We, at Tarani India, strive to find more effective ways of working by evaluating all possible opportunities for any given situation on per case basis.Many programs have been set up by well-meaning individuals to aid those who are in need.

Appreciations have flooded us by many who have benefited from our programs. Such responses has given us more strength and rejuvenated our energies to find more better ways of providing services to the society.